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In Depth Interview: Gary Kagelmacher

Christian Nourry sat down with Valenciennes defender Gary Kagelmacher (currently on loan from AS Monaco) for another in-depth Get French Football News interview talking Real Madrid, Falcao, Ranieri, Jacobs, Sanchez and much more: 

Interview in full: 



On Valenciennes’ form: ‘At the moment it is quite difficult. When I arrived they were in a bad run and the situation has not changed.’ 

On Daniel Sanchez’s sacking: When the results are not there, the first person blamed is the coach.’ 

On Ariel Jacobs: ‘He is a good coach, with some experience. The results are not there but it is a question of time. He trains more the tactical part.’ 

On loan deal: ‘There is no option to buy, just a normal loan here. Everything happened very quickly at the end of the transfer window.’ 

On his summer transfer window‘Yes there was one almost concrete thing in Italy but it didn’t happen and then there was an offer from Portugal but I preferred to stay in France.’ 

On Improving Valenciennes: ‘They need to bring some players in in January. We have changed coach and nothing has really changed. We don’t have a number 9, someone to score. That is something we can make in January. There are little details we can fix.’

On Lindsay Rose: ‘The youth in Monaco is much better, but the budget is better. Lindsay Rose can have a very good career. I think he is the one. You need a good mentality and skills.’

On a Monaco return: ‘I try not to think about the future. I don’t know if it is a good idea to go back to Monaco. I’d prefer to play for a smaller team and actually play.’ 

On Valenciennes permanent switch: ‘Yes, it depends on the financial situation of the club at that time.’

On his best momentAs a moment, my appearance for Real Madrid in La Liga is that but as a long term achievement, the Ligue 2 title win with Monaco was beautiful. To win game after game, it is what every player wants.’ 

On Claudio Ranieri: ‘He is a good coach. You just have to look at his CV. He has the experience of England, Spain and Italy. He works the Italian way. Very, very hard the physical way.’ 

On Monaco’s aspirations: ‘Ranieri said the achievement this year is to make Champions League football. He told us all that.’ 

On Falcao: ‘I don’t think he would go from Atletico Madrid to Monaco for 6 months. I think he will stay there. I know people say he will go now, but I don’t feel it. I think he will go in June. I made a connection with him because they were new in France. For me it was nice to help them (James too). He is a real professional. I think he is a great, great player.’ 

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[PHOTO: Voix du Nord Sports] 

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