AS Cannes Official Statement

“After studying the possibilities for the recovery of the club with the assistance of the City of Cannes until the last moment and without success, the owner decided to continue his business in it and ensure its sustainability. Thus, it will meet the requirements the DNCG at the meeting set Monday, June 24, 2013 at 1630. This decision was taken to avoid demotion of the club and its consequences. The owner will continue discussions with the latest potential buyers later and will remain open to any discussion of a proposed takeover or credible partnership. The whole club sincerely thanks Mr. Bernard Brochand, deputy mayor of Cannes, for its commitment to support the club as next season facilitating any possible recovery project. The owner warmly thanks all the fans and loyal friends of AS Cannes for their support and spreading their passion for their club. Allez Cannes”

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