CNIL rule that PSG black-listing certain fans is illegal

The Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNiL) has informed PSG in an official statement that the club’s ‘black-listing’ of certain ‘Ultras’ is illegal. 

They responded after receiving a number of anonymous complaints from members of the public that this section of the PSG fan base should not be banned from attending matches at the Parc des Princes. They have also told PSG Handball Club, the city’s successful handball team, to stop circulating anti-Ultra messages on their official website. 

This has been an ongoing investigation by the CNiL since August 2012. They believe that PSG are operating illegally on two fronts. First of all, PSG ‘reserves the right to bar entry to any spectator who has bought a valid ticket if they have been prohibited to do so’. Secondly, according to the CNiL, PSG have what they describe as an ‘undesirables system’ whereby fans are thrown out or excluded should they be exhibiting ‘non-compliant behaviour against the values of the club in either football or handball matches’. These ‘values’ are as of yet undisclosed. 

CNiL believes that both of these policies are illegal and have been drawn up without the approval of the CNiL or any other regulatory power for that matter. 

The CNiL demand the reversal of both of these policies as well as an end of communications between PSG and PSG Handball Club regarding information concerning members of the public who are considered ‘undesirable’.

The CNiL has maintained that no action will be taken against either PSG or PSG Handball Club should they comply with the aforementioned ruling. 

This evening, PSG have responded to the CNiL with an extraordinarily strong-worded statement.

‘PSG is a shocked and surprised that the CNiL have announced their ruling before the agreed deadline agreed with PSG to submit all findings regarding the pending case.’

‘PSG is also surprised by the use of the term ‘black-list’ which is mentioned only once in the CNiL statement and is not only a subjective claim but prejudicial.’

‘In 2008, PSG was one of the first clubs to comply with the CNiL’s revisions of laws regarding the banning of fans from stadia.’

‘PSG confirms that the safety and wellbeing of our fans are fundamental and will continue to remain so.’ 

‘PSG also confirms that it will challenge the CNiL statement by submitting an appeal to the Conseil d’Etat.’

More undoubtedly to follow. 

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