Etienne Capoue on Tottenham move

In an interview with Mercato 365, new Tottenham signing Etienne Capoue discusses his transfer to the club, stating why he chose a move to Spurs ahead of Cardiff and Atletico Madrid:

Interviewer: “Why did you choose Tottenham rather than Atletico Madrid for example?”

Capoue: “I decided that I wanted to play in a very attractive league. Because the Premier League is the top league in Europe, I decided that I wanted to go there and Tottenham was an opportunity that I could not refuse.”

Interviewer: “Why did you refuse to join Cardiff, who had an agreement with Toulouse?”

Capoue: “Because Cardiff would not be a step up in my career. Tottenham allowed me to make that leap, Cardiff did not.”

Interviewer:  “Did you put the France team in the balance to make your decision?”

Capoue: “No, but I have thought about if afterwards. I told myself that if I have a good season at Tottenham, I would have my chance to go to the World Cup in Brazil.”

Interviewer: “Could you have imagined spending one more season in Toulouse?”

Capoue: “No…I had to move on. Everyone agreed that I should go, there was no problem. I had a very good relationship with the president and staff during the transfer market.”


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