EXCLU: Tremoulinas and Dynamo Kiev: The Real Story

With false rumours of an agreed fee between the two clubs, we share with you our exclusive information about the possible transfer of Benoit Tremoulinas to Kiev:

The situation yesterday: 9th July 2013: We understand that Kiev and Bordeaux are in negotiations over the player, but no fee has been agreed as yet. Bordeaux are trying as hard as possible to up a fee to €10 Million, but would settle for €9 Million. Kiev, on the other hand, are not willing to pay more than €8 Million at this stage.

The Situation Today: 10th July 2013: After more talks today, Bordeaux have announced they have agreed a fee with Dynamo Kiev for the transfer of Benoit Tremoulinas. 

What Happens Next: We also understand that the contract is being discussed but Tremoulinas is unwilling to commit himself to anything until he has actually visited Kiev and so is set to travel there by Friday.

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