Interview: Clevid Dikamona

Get French Football News caught up with centre-back Clevid Dikamona, who is currently in a difficult transfer situation. The Frenchman has left Le Havre, after a fallout with the manager and is now seeking other footballing opportunities:

Born: 23rd June 1990

Current Club: Free Agent

Previous Clubs: Le Havre, Frejus St Raphael.

How was your loan spell with Frejus this season? Did it help you to progress as a player do you think?

My loan with Frejus went very well. I arrived there halfway through the season and I played a part in all of the games, which was my aim. I think that playing regularly and learning from a coach like Michel Estevan has enabled me to develop in several areas of my game.

Who’s idea was it to send you off on loan at the beginning of this year?

Mine, because I couldn’t stand the impatience after my first season and then the moves I nearly made to English clubs fell through at the last minute. I had to go. The relations between my agents and my coach were complicated so as to not end up with a blank season, I decided to leave on loan.

Which clubs were you in contact with in England?

The main clubs I was in contact with were Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest.

Last season, you played several games for Le Havre, what changed?

What changed was the relationship between the coach and myself. Otherwise I would have continued to play I assume.

Your contract is set to run out. Do you know what the future holds for you already?

No, I have been in contact with clubs, but there is nothing concrete yet. I want to wait to see of the coach (of Frejus) wants to offer me an interesting challenge here; because we only just missed out on promotion here last season. If the club progresses, as it should this summer, we can dominate the league.

You have represented France on Youth levels no? Were those some of your best moments so far in your career?

Yes I played for France U19’s and U18’s with big players like Sakho and M’Vila but I think the best is yet to come from me. Even though those moments were already exceptional.

I definitely agree with you. So at the moment, you are waiting for the best offer from whatever club comes knocking?

Yes, I am waiting for the best footballing opportunity that comes my way. I want to find that ‘hope’ and fight that makes you play your best. I need to play. To have a continuous spell of games will only make you a better player.

Yes, I agree, that is real football. Who are your best friends in the world of football?

The players who I have known the longest, Nigel Atangana and Ismaila N’Diaye.

Today is the final of Champions League. Are you more of a fan of Dortmund or Bayern Munich?

I am #teambayern. I am a big fan of Barcelona and the way in which Bayern eliminated them really impressed me. This is why they have my respect.

Tell us something surprising about you.

Something that might surprise you is the fact that I am a very god fearing person and I love my wife and my daughter more than everybody else.

In your opinion, who is the most underrated player at the moment?

Underrated? I don’t know, but the best has to be Leo Messi

Tell us something embarrassing about one of your former teammates at Le Havre.

I would like to take this opportunity to send a message to Jonathan Rivierez, Loic Nestor and Nigel Atangana. All 3 of them have a serious hair problem! 

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