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Mamadou Sakho talks about Liverpool move

After being unveiled as a Liverpool player this morning, Sakho spoke to media about his move and why he made it:

“With regards to the history of Liverpool, the thing that struck me most was the victory in the Champions League final when I was very young. I don’t remember how old I was but I was very young and I remember this fantastic event, which always impressed me.

“I hope to create a new piece of history with our supporters at Anfield. My aim is to play Champions League football with Liverpool.”

“In a large club, having competition is something you expect. To get the best out of any player, you need to have competition. Competition doesn’t give me any worries. Competition makes the team grow and makes the club grow because that’s the objective and the goal of everyone here.”

“I’ve been at Melwood for a day and it’s very good. The training areas are impressive and everything is in place for the players to keep in top condition. Everything is adapted for professional sports-people and it really gives a good image of a club like Liverpool.”

“I came here because the project at Liverpool interests me. I’m looking forward to playing my first game.”


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