Pre-Match Press Conference: France vs Spain: The Highlights

Here are the highlights from Didier Deschamps and Hugo Lloris’ pre-Spain match press conference in the wake of their World Cup Qualifier tomorrow:

Lloris on the team: ‘We are all very concentrated.’

Lloris on Spain: ‘We must be technically very good, that’s for sure. Against the world champions. Tactically and mentally we must be sound. We have to be top. We know we can cause Spain problems.’

Lloris on Varane: ‘He played very well. But we must keep him protected, he is a young player. Everyone wants to be on the pitch. Deschamps will make his choices and we will respect them.’

Lloris on team morale: ‘We are in good form, but we know that can change quickly. We know this is a big game, and it will be difficult. It won’t be the deciding game either. Another 3 complicated games are still to come.’

Lloris on the occasion: ‘It is a big moment in all of our careers. We hope to be able to celebrate success with our supporters. We will be concentrated on our own performances as a team and individually.’

Lloris on Benzema: ‘Benzema has no problems in the national team. He was an important player in the past and will be in the future.’

Lloris on Casillas: ‘He is a legend for Spain. Will it make a difference him not being there tomorrow? I do not think so.’

Deschamps on tactics: ‘We need to use the ball well when we have it.’

Deschamps on playing for a draw: ‘We will not play for a draw. But if the final result is a draw, we will take it.’

Deschamps on Benzema: ‘I will not say if he plays tomorrow, only that I have complete confidence in him and everyone else and there is no disputing his qualities.’

Deschamps on Ribery: ‘Ribery is an excellent player, but we have not done anything special to exploit Arbeloa specifically.’

Deschamps on bowling: ‘They needed some time to relax. That is why we went bowling last night.’

Deschamps on Spain’s physical weakness: ‘It is an aspect of their game which stands out. It could be important.’

Deschamps on Varane: ‘He has everything, you know that. He is considered very highly by me and the selection team.’

Deschamps on Del Bosque: ‘Del Bosque will not be worried about this match. Spain are confident in their own ability.’

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