A member of PSG’s women’s team hits out at Nasser Al Khelaifi

Laura Georges, a member of the PSG women’s team, has hit out at the club’s President Nasser Al Khelaifi for not paying enough attention to this faction of the club in an interview with Le Monde.

She had the following to say after the side’s loss to Lyon yesterday:

“I will not be apologising to Nasser Al-Khelaifi. He is my President, but we never see him at our games. He came only once or twice last season. One can say that Jean-Michel Aulas is very present in the media, but he is someone who manages, who is close to his players. The reason why his female team is up there is because he invests what is needed, but also personally. If the President of PSG believes in women’s football, he needs to be present. All he would have to do, in his interviews, is comment on the women’s team, so that others also want to invest (time) into women’s football.”

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