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AS Monaco VP wants to win Ligue 1

AS Monaco President Vadim Vasilyev has been quoted in The Telegraph this morning claiming that he wants to win the Ligue 1 title “as soon as possible” and that he was in talks with “one of the top players of the Premier League” recently.

He had the following to say on a mystery Premier League star: 

“One year ago, we were discussing one of the top players of the Premier League, a top English player. It was on the table. This opportunity finally did not happen, but I think one day that it will come, that it will happen.”

According to the English paper, he was believed to have been talking about Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney during last year’s summer transfer in window, before he signed a contract extension with MUFC.

He then went on to layout Monaco’s continued ambitions:

“I wouldn’t really compare Monaco to any other club. Our ambition is eventually to win the title of French champions. This is true. I will not give you a time frame, but we would like to do it as soon as possible. We would like to be one of the clubs that plays regularly in the Champions League. I think we can play an important role on the European scene.”

 On the influence that super agent Jorge Mendes has at the club:

“It is overplayed. Jorge is the No  1. We must acknowledge that the interests of agents and the interests of clubs may not coincide all the time – this is just part of life. But if you want to build a good project, you work with the best. And he happens to be, in my opinion, the best.”

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