Bordeaux stand by Willy Sagnol following African outburst

Bordeaux have released an official statement backing their manager Willy Sagnol after he made some extraordinary comments generalising African footballers and announcing that he wouldn’t be signing them in the future.

Bordeaux had the following to say this evening:

“The club has with amazement and indignation discovered the controversy that has arisen from comments made by Willy Sagnol. The club wishes to recall that during his arrival, Willy Sagnol very quickly gave the captaincy Lamine Sane, which demonstrates the bad faith of those who interpret the words of our coach in a malicious way. He also received the support of the Sud-Ouest journalists immediately at the interview, who claim to have fully understood the words of Willy Sagnol, which are no way intended to limit the qualities of a player based on his origins. Never in his life and his career, has Willy Sagnol had a problem with diversity. Given this controversy, Willy Sagnol has had feelings of disbelief and anger at the wrong and shortened interpretation of his remarks. The club condemns all those who wish to exploit for malicious purposes this controversy and fully supports Willy Sagnol.”

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