Brandao breaks Thiago Motta’s nose: The Situation

After PSG’s 2-0 win over SC Bastia at the Parc des Princes last night, striker Brandao head butted central midfielder Thiago Motta outside the teams’ dressing rooms, causing the Italian international to suffer a broken nose. 

Watch footage from the incident on our official Twitter feed.

The reaction to the incident has been varied, with PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi demanding that Brandao “be banned for life” following his actions in an interview with BeIN Sports.

Thiago Silva took to Instagram by declaring that Brandao “is not a footballer” following the incident.

From the footage, you can clearly see that Brandao was waiting for Thiago Motta to arrive from the pitch and that once he headbutts him, he quickly runs for the safety and cover of the SC Bastia dressing room. 

Certain individuals have leapt to the player’s defence including his captain Julien Palmieri who had the following to say: 

“If there was a headbutt involved, then that does not portray a good image. But why did Brandao headbutt Thiago Motta? Motta regularly called players throughout the match “son of a b****” in front of the referee. The headbutt is obviously different, but Thiago Motta spends his time insulting other players. He is a super player, but there are some things that should not be said.” 

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