Clement Grenier: “Lyon is my club, my life, my town”

Lyon attacking midfielder Clement Grenier has given a long interview to today’s edition of France Football.

“I asked Lyon at the end of last season, even before I knew whether or not Remi Garde was staying, that if I had the opportunity to go to a club that would enable me to progress further. But I did not say: “I absolutely want to leave Lyon.” Far from it. I think it might be the right moment… I think I need to discover something else…”

“I am very proud to be at Lyon, a big European club. I feel very good here and I am under contract. I will be a lifetime supporter of Lyon. It is my club, my life, my town. If I leave, I will be very emotional. It was my whole youth, my whole career… At Lyon, I learnt everything: football but also about life. When I arrived, Iwas just a kid. Now, I am a man. They opened this door for me to this house where I automatically felt good. And if I stay, I will also be the happiest in the world.”

The player has rejected an offer from Newcastle this summer.

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