Djibril Cissé and the story of the mysterious sextape

Le Parisien reported an incredible story this weekend regarding the private life of Djibril Cissé from his time as a Marseille player. 

The ex-French international somehow managed to escape from a scandal that could have significantly damaged his career as a footballer. 

The current SC Bastia striker was during his OM career blackmailed with a supposed sextape by an unnamed crook. 

The Parisian paper understands that this crook demanded that Cissé pay him €150k or else he would publish a sextape which he claimed the ex-Liverpool and QPR footballer appeared in.

Luckily for Djibril Cissé, he decided to admit to being a part of the tape to the authorities and the man in question was arrested and the tape was destroyed. The crook was however set free after Cissé refused to press charges, worrying that the media would catch on to what had occurred. 

Two weeks after this exchange with the crook, the very blackmailer was arrested trying to shoplift an electronics store. The man that the police took into custody was found to have on his person a €9000 check signed by Djibril Cissé, suggesting that the footballer had actually given in to the man’s demands with some sort of down payment.


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