Falcao: Real Madrid, Manchester City and AS Monaco: what now?

Get French Football News has decided to publish reports from Calciomercato’s Tancredi Palmeri on the Falcao saga after confirmation from sources close to Monaco last night that the situation is exceedingly complicated. Tancredi Palmeri may well have the inside track on what has actually occurred in the last 72 hours, but Get French Football News reiterates that it is in no position to at all confirm his timeline of events which can be found below.

On Thursday evening, Radamel Falcao, AS Monaco and Real Madrid are supposed to have reached a loan agreement of €10m for the next year with a €30m buy-out clause which was not obligatory. 

On Friday morning this deal was then supposedly formalised and it appeared that mere formalities were left to complete as the player’s consistent dream has been to play for Real Madrid. However, Jorge Mendes then informed the other interested parties that a deal was close (evidently a loan deal with an option to buy would not bring Mendes as great a commission as a straightforward sale). This is when the trouble is supposed to have arisen. 

Arsenal and Juventus then pop up on Friday. They are both ready to make loan offers which are both then rejected by Falcao. 

Manchester City asks Jorge Mendes to stall Falcao’s move to Real Madrid for another day as they are prepared to make a concrete offer for the player. On Saturday, Monaco call Falcao up for the game against Lille and this surprises Real Madrid who believe that the deal was done. They then learn of Manchester City’s interest. At Saturday lunch time, Falcao is eventually withdrawn from the squad, almost like a tool to indicate that at first that no deal was done. 

Early on Saturday afternoon, Manchester City allegedly made a €40m offer to sign the player permanently. Evidently, this amounts to the same overall fee that Real Madrid could pay, but it is not certain because the buy-out option is not obligatory. 

Falcao evidently appears frustrated and a tweet emerges from his account suggesting that he has signed for Real Madrid, a tweet that he then later denies posting, claiming it was a photoshopping effort. Something which has been proven false by all accounts. 

Into the late hours of last night, Manchester City continued to negotiate for the player and Falcao has yet to make a decision on his future. Now for the final chapter to occur today. 

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