French state make step towards regulating sporting committees following Luzenac debacle

The French state yesterday made an important step in simplifying legal sporting procedures, following a summer full of administrative headaches, which most notably caused the utter downfall of Luzenac despite their winning the right to play in Ligue 2 this season.

Patrick Kanner, Minister of the City, Youth and Sports has asked Secretary of State of Sports Thierry Braillard to begin a meaningful dialogue with various French sporting federation Presidents and M.Braillard has enacted upon this.

Yesterday, on Monday 15th September, M.Braillard gathered presidents from the French federations for basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby, football, the respective national leagues, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and the National Association of professional sports leagues to begin this dialogue. 

The current procedure contains seven levels of decision making, including four in sports and three in the administrative courts, something that Luzenac were faced with this summer.

Initial dialogue has seen an overarching request for the introduction of a specific deadline for submission to the CNOSF conciliators, reducing the opposition period for conciliation, or the return to the rule of a common law jurisdiction court.

Research has also begun to study the feasibility of setting up a sports tribunal, and, secondly, to open a debate on the abolition of the CNOSF in its current form after a number of controversial decisions from various sporting bodies.

Participants will meet again in October to continue this discussion.

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