Hatem Ben Arfa’s lawyer rubbishes Birmingham rumours

Hatem Ben Arfa’s lawyer Jean-Jacques Bertrand has given an interview to Foot Mercato about the player’s situation at Newcastle United. 

He had the following to say: 

“For Birmingham, there is nothing. They are just noises. However, I received an email from the club last night confirming that Newcastle had found an agreement with Besiktas for the transfer of the player. I discussed the sporting advantages with his agent Michel Ouazine and Hatem without talking about the figures. Finally, Hatem has decided not to go with this offer. He prefers to stay in England and to play at Newcastle. Besiktas, it is therefore a no go.”

“I don’t know if the club understands this, but Hatem is attached to Newcastle. There would have been players in his position to have already left by now after everything he has had to suffer. He played and he played well for the reserves. And then the club asked a few hours before the match that he didn’t play. Why? Under the pretext that there were talks with another club and that they didn’t want him to get injured, but there were no discussions (with another club). I think that some people have it in for him and want him to make a mistake to justify the sanctions and tarnish his image in the eyes of the fans.” 

“Everyone thinks this is a guy who is going to give in, but Hatem is strong. He has a strong character and knows a lot more about who he is and where he wants to go then what is claimed about him. He wants to light up Newcastle, he loves this club and this town.”

“It is absolutely abnormal that he is not treated in the same way and with the same conditions as his teammates in the first team. If this continues after the transfer window, we will look to take action through the FA. He must have the same working conditions as the others, we are not asking him to start games or to be subbed on, but he just deserves the chance to train with the others. This situation cannot go on forever.”

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