Hatem Ben Arfa’s Lawyer speaks out

Talking to BeIN Sports this evening, Hatem Ben Arfa’s lawyer has attempted to clear up his client’s situation amid rumours that he will never play for Newcastle United again. 

“Hatem has two possibilities. Either he utilises Article 17, which is a FIFA regulation that allows after three years without an alteration to a contract with a club for that contract to be terminated. Hatem can do that this year.”

“He has one year of his contract remaining. Contrary to what his manager says, he only has one year remaining. He could also sort his situation out with the club. What must not happen is that Hatem is destabilised and it is made to look like it is he who is trying to leave the club.”

“There has been no major incident which justifies the things that the manager’s entourage has spread about him. Nothing. As for everything that hurts Hatem’s image, relative to the club, the fans or himself, we will fight because spreading false informations must not happen.” 

It is quite clear that the situation between Newcastle United and Hatem Ben Arfa is difficult, with his lawyer effectively accusing the manager and the club of harming the player’s image.  

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