Interview: Romain Alessandrini

Get French Football News exclusively publishes an interview with Marseille winger Romain Alessandrini following the team’s 1-0 victory over EA Guingamp last weekend in partnership with our colleagues at Foot Express.

Romain, we imagine that this success feels good and will finally launch Marseille’s season…

Yes, we had the heart to redeem the previous two results. With this victory we harbour a little more confidence. We have won in the smallest score line but the important thing is the three points. We will host Nice next week, we needed this result to take a bit of confidence with us to the Velodrome, to develop into a whole other game.

From the outside, it seems as if Bielsa, your new coach, is getting very agitated, a man who does not speak any French. What is his stance? What are his methods?

There is a translator throughout the week, for the training sessions. Even on the day of the match it (the fact that he doesn’t speak French) does not hinder us. For the moment, the coach and his staff don’t speak French. We have to adapt to that. It is up to us the players to adapt.

Bielsa’s training sessions, it is not a legend, they are very physical am I right?

Yes, it is physical but also tactical. He is working on a number of things to help us progress. Of course it is physical with Bielsa. But in all clubs this works well. He is somebody who knows football. We have to get used to this genre of training.

Is it enjoyable to work with him?

Yes of course when we don’t know his methods, we try to adapt to that. Afterwards, we will tell you at the end of the season… how that works for us (he smiles)…

C.N. with Olivier Schwob of Foot Express

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