Laurent Blanc on Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi and Marseille

Earlier today, Laurent Blanc had a press conference in which he talked about issues including Ibrahimovic’s return from injury, the return of Lavezzi and PSG motivation against different teams. Here is what he had to say:

On Ibrahimovic’s struggles with injury:

Zlatan showed some positive signs. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, he  experienced no pain and was able to train. Will return against Marseille next weekend? We waited four weeks, we we can wait another week or ten days. But we are confident, for three days he has worked intensively. Physically, he has not lost too much. It was not an injury that prevented him from practicing. In terms of his cardio level, he has not lost much. I think his fitness will come back quickly. Next week, we will be able to be more specific.

On Lavezzi’s recent comeback:

“Pocho” brings depth and goals. I’m glad he scored against Bordeaux last weekend. He’s had physical problems, also had a complicated return from the World Cup, so his season really starts now.

On Gignac and Djedje’s Clash ahead of PSG vs Marseille:

I do not know what really happened. They were bickering! I’ve experienced it more than once. You give too much attention to it! When there are 25 men and only eleven places on the field, it necessarily creates bickering. Do not look further.

On PSG supposedly not trying enough against small teams:

I read comments that we try harder against good teams. This is not true! My team is motivated in the league and in the Champions League. After those comments, I also heard Alain Casanova, the Toulouse coach, say that his team was more effective against PSG, Marseille or Lyon. This is true for all teams. This is not specific to us! 


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