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Luzenac: The journey ends in spectacular fashion

After spending all summer looking to win administrative justice after being denied promotion to Ligue 2 for failing to meet stadium safety standards, as well as a number of other financial quibbles, the French football league body, the LFP eventually blocked the club from joining the French second division.

The situation has however gotten worse and has led to the overall expulsion of Luzenac from French professional football. Luzenac were looking to be reintegrated into National (3rd division), the league that they won promotion from last season, but the French Football Federation has now refused the club’s entry into that very league also. 

Fabien Barthez had the following to say on the situation, announcing his departure from the project: 

“The refusal to accept Luzenac into the National brings an end to our project. We can not accept residing in CFA2 (5th division) with players who had earned their place in Ligue 2. We were given no promises of an automatic rise next season either. For us, Jerome and me, it’s over, the story ends here.”

The President Jerome Ducros will similarly be departing from the project and the pair have announced their intention to release all the players on the books from their current contracts. 

The club is now expected to reside in the DHR (7th division). A seemingly incredibly unjust ending to a noble tale.

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