Mamadou Sakho on his World Cup experience

Mamadou Sakho took the opportunity to discuss his World Cup adventure thus far. 

On his physical condition: “I am alright, I have come off the field twice this World Cup as precautionary measures only. I feel better, I feel good. I trained yesterday, everything went well. So I am available for the coach to pick me.”


On the spirit in the squad: “We have a very young team. We are all simply trying to install a new type of spirit, first of all off the field and secondly on it. We are just being ourselves. There are some good guys and a really great atmosphere. We are trying to project that on the pitch and it shows. I was not part of the old generation. But this team here, we feel as if it is really alive. The atmosphere is truly beautiful and I have the impression that I am reliving my years as youngster in youth training. It is truly wonderful.”


On Pogba and his dancing: “A guy like Paul, he makes the atmosphere. Yesterday evening (Tuesday), after dinner, he put music on and danced all by himself. It was really very funny. On the pitch (him and all the others) they are talented players.”


On the mixture of youth and experience: “With the older guys, like Evra, Sagna and even Lloris, we have found a real cohesion. Everything is going really, really well. There is no differences in terms of skin colour or age in this squad. At the dinner table, you could have one young guy talking with an older one. And five minutes later, two young ones. Everyone is mixing well, and gets on well. At the end of the meal last night (Tuesday), we stayed to talk football and about our lives in general. Together, we are really, really good.” 

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