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Marcelo Bielsa announces his Marseille deal is only a year long

In a press conference today, Marseille manager Marcelo Bielsa caused even more confusion by announcing that he has only signed a one year deal with OM, as supposed to the two year deal that Marseille announced the Argentinian had committed to upon making his arrival official at the club this summer. 

He had the following to say:

“I do not like to commit to projects for two years. My contract is limited to just one year and in my head that is how long I am here for. There is a clause in place to trigger another year, but as I have just announced my decision, I couldn’t be more clear.”

He then went on to say later on:

“I cannot say whether I will be here for just a year or not. It is a two year deal but Marseille can stop it after a year.”

To add even more confusion to the situation, he then said the following: 

“Both parties can make a decision.”

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