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Marcelo Bielsa launches scathing attack on Marseille President

Marseille manager Marcelo Bielsa has launched a scathing attack on his President Vincent Labrune following the closure of the transfer window. 

He had the following to say in today’s press conference: 

“The stock of this transfer window is negative. I think that the President made me promises that he knew he wouldn’t keep. If everything that had been said to me had been sincere, I would have accepted it. But on the contrary, I sense a feeling of rebellion. Not a single player that arrived was my decision. I proposed 12 options, none of them became concrete. It was Monday afternoon that I found out about the arrival of Doria, of which I opposed. I wasn’t able to give my opinion.”

“I am satisfied to work with this group and happy to do so. And all this will not stop us from winning the matches that we should be winning. The reality is different to what had been planned, I repeat that. I will take this challenge up that is in front of me with joy and optimism but I am disappointed in the way the club functions.”

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