Marquinhos supposed RAC1 interview: The Aftermath

PSG central defender Marquinhos supposedly gave an interview with RAC1 radio this evening in which he appeared to say: 

“My wish is to be at Barcelona next season. I know longer wish to be at PSG. Barcelona would be a dream for me.”

However, this was then vigorously denied by Marquinhos himself over his official Twitter account whereby he said that he did not give any interview with RAC1 and that they had “faked his voice and made up words”

The journalist who allegedly took the interview, Roger Saperas, vigorously fought to confirm that the person speaking to him was indeed Marquinhos. 

However, the radio station RAC1 took to its official Twitter account to announce that Marquinhos did in fact not give the interview they had just claimed to give and that it was instead the other Marcos that was part of the Brazil U21s setup.

They claim that when they phoned the hotel, the man directing the switchboard put them through to the wrong Marcos, the goalkeeper rather than the PSG defender. The goalkeeper is then, if you follow their story, supposed to have played a prank. 

Make of that what you will. 

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