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Marseille President confirms that Bielsagate is over

In an official statement on Marseille’s website, President Vincent Labrune has confirmed that the differences between himself and his first team coach Marcelo Bielsa have been sorted after the Argentinian brought them to attention in a recent press conference.

Labrune had the following to say:

“We have a fresh, profound and respectful conversation. It allowed us to rid of certain misunderstandings and reciprocated confusion. Marcelo spoke with me honestly and I understood that he was not trying cause a stir but rather get his feelings across to the fans. This discussion has allowed us to identify some problems with the internal communication in our new structure, but it has also made our relationship more fluid. Therefore, the incident is closed. The project connotes. The interest of the club is above everybody else’s and all of us together, the board, staff and players are all united to achieve the same goal: have a successful footballing season.”


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