Montpellier President speaks out on Cabella’s Newcastle move

In an interview with our colleague Khaled Karouri, Montpellier President Louis Nicollin has had his say on Remy Cabella’s move to Newcastle and the player’s exploits in France.

On the fact that Cabella did not feature at the World Cup:

“It always makes me happy (watching Les Bleus), I don’t have any problems. I was very happy, I would have liked him to make an appearance. I think that if we had beaten the Germans and qualified for the semi finals, then we would have without a doubt been playing for the 3rd place, and that is where he might have played. Now, it didn’t happen, it is not a bad thing. He leaves for Newcastle, and I hope that everything will go well for him.”

On Remy Cabella’s move to Newcastle:

“He wanted to go. Personally, as I really like this youngster, I told him very well and good job. In England, there is Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United who are ahead of Newcastle, but Newcastle is a club where there are a lot of Frenchmen. If that is what he wants, then great. Personally, I would not go to Newcastle. But whatever, I will go and see him play when he has a match in London! He has what we wants, which is good. In any case, he has the ability to succeed in England, that is for sure. He is weak (strength) but it is difficult to catch him.”

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