Morgan Amalfitano hits out at Marseille after West Ham move

In an interview to RMC, attacking midfielder Morgan Amalfitano hit out at his former club Marseille after completing a deadline day move to West Ham.

Morgan, do you think the decision you have made is the right one?

I thought long and hard about it, I have no doubts. What really happened in this whole story? Chronologically then, I returned from a good year in England and I wanted to stay and implement myself into the project at Marseille. I was recalled for pre-season on the 20th June. Contrary to what was said, Benoit Cheyrou and I did not try to force our way into training, we were asked. 

Why did you want to stay at Marseille?

I had returned from a good year in England where I progressed, in a difficult league where I did some good things. I wanted to show what I could do at Marseille as I only had one year left and I wanted to honour my contract. It has turned out differently because other elements which are not football related, it is sad, but they decided otherwise. I was well prepared, I did well in the friendly matches, afterwards they decided differently just when I was starting to settle and that was difficult.

What is your relationship with Marcelo Bielsa like?

Many things were said, so I am going to rectify that. I did not make any scandal. I cannot say that our relationship was good or bad because we never exchanged words so that is why it is complicated. But nothing happened, I went to training as normal, I started to train, they didn’t tell me anything and then they told me halfway through training (that he wasn’t allowed to be there) and I couldn’t understand why. They asked me to leave, and I decided to stand up for myself, that is why I acted in such a way. All the witnesses can tell you that I didn’t do anything. I eclipsed and the manager was not pleased that I was there, I still don’t know why.

What is this story about you costing €1m?

That is not true. They hide behind things. In order not to look too nasty, they make things up, like they have done from the start. The claim that Ben Cheyrou and I were not part of the project? That was false, they never told us that. We never begged to play a part in the season. We need to stop treating players like donkeys. 

Did you leave Marseille for free?

I would go further and say they gave me away. Of course that is nice for the parties concerned. I will not go into the details.

Who are the people who didn’t want you to succeed at Marseille?

I told you. It was clear that there were people who played around and hid behind a lot of things. After that, the manager did his job. They are people who you would not believe. We are men, not dogs. At one point or another, you need an exchange face to face it is a simple as that. I am curious to see what Rod Fanni and Ben Cheyrou will do. I am not sure that they will accept what has happened. 

This Marseille with Bielsa, do you think it will work?

Now that I have left, I don’t really have an opinion. I have seen what I have seen. I remain sceptical, but I will stay in my place and I won’t judge that. I wish for the fans that it works. 

Benoit Cheyrou is now training with the pros again…

No the two of them (Rod Fanni) are training with the reserves. Marseille communicated that Cheyrou was back with the first team. They are lying to you! You will see. 

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