Morgan Schneiderlin has not handed in a transfer request

Get French Football News understands this evening that reports claiming that Morgan Schneiderlin has handed in a transfer request to leave Southampton are false.

After speaking with our very reliable colleagues at Hat Trick FR, who are close to the player, we understand that Morgan Schneiderlin has not formally submitted a transfer request as he does not want his relationship with the fans to become ruined.

It is believed that sources inside Southampton supplied false information to the British media in order to make it seem as if President Krueger is standing up for the interests of the club and to deflect the blame from Southampton onto the player if the French international eventually moves to either Tottenham or Arsenal.

During the World Cup, Arsenal did speak with Morgan Schneiderlin about a possible move and Olivier Giroud has supposedly been “lobbying” on the Southampton player’s behalf. It is unclear if the club has stepped up their efforts to sign the player since then.

Olivier Giroud even announced at a Puma sponsorship event that he and several other players had spoken to Arsene Wenger about the possibility of signing Morgan Schneiderlin and that “he (Giroud) loves” Morgan. 

As for Tottenham, they have had a bid rejected for the player but continue negotiating and have been in regular contact for the last 5 weeks or so.

The situation is extremely delicate, but it seems that Morgan Schneiderlin will get a move in the end. Things could move quickly, with Schneiderlin having spoken with manager Koeman yesterday. 

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