“Newcastle think we’re idiots”- says Montpellier President Nicollin over Cabella dealings

Montpellier President Louis Nicollin talked exclusively to our colleagues at Le 10 Sport this evening over the club’s general transfer window but especially with regards to the Cabella dealings.

“I saw that Thauvin was bought for €16m… and I think that Cabella is a little bit better than him. So I will say €16m. And if nobody gives that to us then he will stay. He has another two years on his contract and we are not under pressure. The players should not always win. When a player decides he wants to leave he becomes a nuisance trying to make it happen. I hope he leaves but if it is not on our terms, he will not be leaving. That is a guarantee.”

“The ‘big’ English club Newcastle made an €8m offer three weeks ago and I refused it. I do not think that Newcastle is the place for him and I also think that they take us for idiots these guys. They sold Cabaye to PSG for however many millions, they do not have to take us for morons.”

“Labrune called my son to tell me he was interested (Marseille). I like Labrune a lot, he is my mate, but if he wants him (Cabella), he will give me €16m. That is clear even though I am friends with him.”

“PSG? No. They contacted us about Stambouli but not Cabella at all. He wasn’t very good when we played our last game against them.”

“Olivier Létang (PSG Sporting Director) called my son (about Stambouli), but has yet to go further. We do not have a fixed price for him. At €5m we will start to discuss.” 

[PHOTO: Panoramic]

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