Paul Georges Ntep handed 3 month suspended jail sentence for domestic abuse

Get French Football News has learnt that Rennes’ new recruit and prolific winger Paul Georges Ntep was today given a 3 month suspended prison sentence for abusing his ex-girlfriend.

The court in Auxerre heard that the player had hit his ex-girlfriend in the face and torso, having already dragged her by the hair for several meters and forced her clothes off by ripping them, France Bleu understands. 

Ntep’s lawyer claims that his client has since learnt from his mistakes and ‘regrets his actions’. He went on to say that he believes his client ‘is calm for his age.’

His lawyer also claimed that Ntep was caught up in a passionate and tumultuous relationship and that there were disputes and conflicts throughout their time together.

The prosecutor also admitted that both sides had taken part in some sort of aggression towards each other but that Mr Ntep’s attitude must change. What is rather peculiar is that the victim had requested to withdraw their complaint in September 2013.  

The player was not present at the sentencing hearing today. The prosecution had been asking for a 6 month prison sentence for Ntep initially. 

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