Pre-Match Press Conference: France vs Switzerland: Salvador: Thursday 19th June 2014

With excitement growing ahead of France’s Group E clash against Switzerland, Hugo Lloris and Didier Deschamps met the press to share their take on what will undoubtedly be a hard-fought match. Following Patrice Evra’s eccentric showing earlier in the week, the pair’s responses made for a much more strait-laced affair as they maintained a steely focus on the challenge ahead.


Hugo Lloris:

On the heat: ‘The heat isn’t a handicap but it is certainly a big change. It’s good that we’ve had a bit of a chance to get used to it.’

On the failings of the 2010 World Cup: ‘We’re not thinking about 2010. We’re here to set off on a new adventure and it’s going to require all of our effort.’

On Switzerland: ‘Switzerland are a team that should be taken seriously. They’re ambitious and they did extremely well in qualifying.’

‘We prepare for all of our matches in the same manner, each match has its own individual story.’

‘We’ve studied videos of our opponents, we know the majority of the Swiss players and we know what to expect.’

‘I’m not interested if we’re favourites or not, I’m interested in how we can win.’

On the spirit within the camp: ‘Our strong team spirit came into being in the Ukraine match. Victories keep it going but it’s still a fragile situation.’

‘Everyone will be important in this match, the bench included.’

On Pogba: ‘Pogba has the potential to become one of the best players of his generation and this experience is priceless.’


Didier Deschamps:

On the World Cup: ‘The level is extremely high in this competition. Not one team has had an easy match so far.’

On Switzerland: ‘Switzerland have a great deal of quality. They qualified with ease and also beat Brazil in a friendly.’

‘They’re sixth in the FIFA rankings and that says a lot.’

‘They regroup well and start off attacks quickly. They leave little space to exploit.’

‘We’ll set out to win the game but so will Switzerland.’

‘We need to utilise all of our strengths as the game could be decided on fine margins.’

‘We’ll certainly see a response in this match as we haven’t been put in a tough situation for a while.’

‘[After the match] we’ll know more about this France side.’

On injuries within the squad: ‘Everyone is available for [the match].’

‘Yohan [Cabaye] has fully recovered, there are no worries. Yesterday [him training alone] was simply a precaution.’

On Valbuena: ‘I’m not surprised by what Valbuena has produced so far. I know what he’s capable of and he has a strong influence on the way we play.’

On their finishing: ‘For a long time we struggled to be effective in front of goal but at the same time we’re not going to score three goals in all of our games.’

On their objectives: ‘Finishing top of the group isn’t an aim for us today, we’ll see how it goes later.’

On the importance of the squad: ‘I want all 23 players to be involved and that’s why I mixed up the teams in training. Everyone needs to be ready.’

‘I’m not trying to confuse anyone [by mixing up the teams]. The players know full well what the first XI is but I wanted everyone to be involved.’

‘We’re enjoying life in our training camp but we’re here to play matches.’

On Giroud: ‘He’s had a good week just like everyone else.’


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