Rod Fanni uncertain about future

Marseille defender Rod Fanni has spoken to RMC about his footballing future with the January transfer window just around the corner.

He had the following to say:

“When we do not know if we are wanted somewhere, we are obliged to think about going elsewhere… A lot of things have happened but leaving for the sake of leaving doesn’t interest me either, because I love Marseille. Finally, I stayed here and I am happy to be here. I am in love with my club, I have always said it but when the love for a place and things go badly sometimes in the life of a footballer, it doesn’t always stick.”

“We will soon see what happens. I am very attached to Marseille. Before I arrived here, I had two cravings. I was also thinking about abroad and there is only this club that can keep me in France. Finish here? Maybe, but after what has happened, I am incapable of saying today that I will finish my career at Marseille.”

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