Saturday 4th January: Coupe de France Special: Live Commentary

18:59 GMT: That concludes Get French Football News’ coverage of today’s Coupe de France action on our website but stay tuned for Twitter updates of Valenciennes vs Rennes, today’s big one. I hope you enjoyed the ride and undoubtedly see you soon for more. 

FT: Poissy 0-1 Concarneau

FT: Les Herbiers 0-1 Plabennec

GOAL! Braithwaite has won the game for Toulouse right at the death to the disappointment of the humble Romorantin side who gave absolutely everything. That game is over now. 

FT: Boulogne 3-1 Beauvais

FT: Bressuire 0-3 Sochaux. Ligue 1 side have no issues going through to the next round. 

18.49 GMT: GOAL ROMORANTIN! The fourth division side have equalised at the death against Ligue 1 boys Toulouse. Game likely to go to extra time. 

18:48 GMT: GOAL: Boulogne 3-1 Beauvais

18:37 GMT: GOAL: Boulogne 2-1 Beauvais

18:36 GMT: GOAL: Poissy 0-1 Concarneau

18:34 GOAL: Les Herbiers 0-1 Plabennec

18:26 GMT: There have been two red cards for the away side over at Boulogne vs Beauvais but no more goals to tell you about. Still 5 games playing their second halves. I tell you what though. It has been a long day here. 

FT: Yzeure 1-0 Lorient. The first Ligue 1 team to play in this season’s Coupe de France are knocked out by the 4th division side! #giantkilling

GOAL: Poissy 1-0 Concarneau (Camara)

Lorient very close to going out to 4 division side Yzeure. Just a few minutes left. Losing 1-0. 

FT: Aubagne 3-3 Dijon (Dijon win on pens!) 

FT: La Roche 0-3 CA Bastia (aet) 

17:41 GMT: Toulouse take the lead over Romorantin! Adrien Regattin with the goal. 

17:30 GMT: Sochaux make it 3! Camara has a brace. Bressuire could be in for a long evening. 

17: 34 GMT: SOCHAUX GOAL. Camara doubles the lead and it is proving really easy for FCSM thus far over Bressuire. 

17:33 GMT: DIJON! They equalise for the 3rd time today right at the death to take their encounter with Aubagne to a penalty shootout. 

17:30 GMT: Update: Boulogne – Beauvais (1-1)

17:27 GMT: RMC Sport reporting that Brest-PSG will not be played tomorrow because of poor pitch conditions. To be rescheduled. 

Batret scores the penalty for Aubagne. Now 3-2 to the home team who are setting themselves up for the second giant killing of the day. 

PENALTY Aubagne! They have a chance to win this! 

GOAL: La Roche 0-3 CA Bastia (Pastorelli)

FT: Chambly 1-1 Angers. Angers win on penalties! 

17:19 GMT: GOAL Sochaux! Prcic takes the lead for the Ligue 1 side over Bressuire. 1-0

17:18 GMT: GOAL again for CA Bastia who double their lead of La Roche in extra time. 

17:16 GMT: GOAL for CA Bastia in extra time here. The 10 men Ligue 2 side have the lead of La Roche. 

17:12 GMT: There has been a red card during extra time for an Aubagne player as we go deep into the extra time period here with the score still 2-2 against Dijon. 

FT: Magny 1-6 Moulins

17:00 GMT: More Coupe de France games starting imminently: Poissy-Concarneau / Romorantin-TOULOUSE / Boulogne-Beauvais / Les Herbiers-Plabennec / Bressuire-SOCHAUX.

16:57 GMT: Extra time is up between Angers and Chambly. Penalties will decide this one. 

16:56 GMT: GOAL DIJON: Right at the death Dijon have save themselves from embarrassment. The club now have extra time to beat Aubagne. The score being 2-2 currently. 

16:55 GMT: GOAL MOULINS: 1-6 Lobo. 

16:49 GMT: GOAL AUBAGNE: Dridi. OH MY WHAT A HUGE GOAL THIS IS. Dijon could be going out as a last grasp goal from the 5th division side makes it 2-1. 

1645 GMT: GOAL MOULINS. It can only be described as a thrashing as it is now 5-1 through Da Silva over Maghy. 

16:43 GMT: GOAL DIJON! The possible Aubagne killing of the Ligue 2 side Dijon is over temporarily after Babot converted. 1-1. 

16:35 GMT: GOAL: Magny 1-4 Moulins. Camara finishes off the 6th division. 

16:30 GMT: Quick smoke break and we are back. News of a goal from Yzeure who take the lead over Lorient. Excellent stuff. MBida. 

16:11 GMT: FT: Chasselay 1-1 Istres. Chasselay win on penalties! 3-2. 

16:03 GMT: Penalty shootout now the order of the day at Chasselay as they were unable to separate themselves from Istres over 120 minutes. 1-1 the final score. 

15:56 GMT: CFA side Yzeure are about to take on our first Ligue 1 team of the day in FC Lorient. 

15:46 GMT: GOAL CHAMBLY: 4th division side have equalised against Angers through Marena. 

15:45 GMT: GOAL MOULINS: The home side from the 6th division couldn’t hold on until half time at 1-2 and Ruffaut takes advantage. 

15:43 GMT: GOAL MAGNY: Well, Chipre took a very good penalty there and it gives them a chance for the second half against Moulins. Now 1-2. 

15:33 GMT: GOAL MOULINS: Berthomier doubles the lead for the away side and you have to say that Magny are probably already out of this one. 

FT: Pontarlier 1-3 SM Caen

15:25 GMT: Caen have added another goal in added time to make it 3-1 over Pontarlier, we are into extra time at Chasselay who held Istres to a one-all draw over 90 minutes. 

FT: Epinal 1-4 Niort. Niort are the second team through to the next round alongside Lens. 

15:22 GMT: GOAL MOULINS: One of the lowest ranked sides in the competition are now behind thanks to Ruffaut of Moulins. Magny have plenty of time to come back. 

15:19 GMT: GOAL AUBAGNE: The 5th division side are the unlikely leaders ahead of highflying Ligue 2 side Dijon. 1-0! 

15:15 GMT: GOAL NIORT: As we saw with Avranches earlier today, the smaller teams just don’t have the fitness levels to compete over 90 minutes it seems. A fourth for the Ligue 2 side. (1-4)

15:12 GMT: GOAL NIORT: Lafourcade puts this one beyond Epinal. Now 1-3 to the visitors. 

15:05 GMT: GOAL EPINAL: Epinal have one back against Niort; Coginard with the goal.

15:03 GMT: GOAL ANGERS: The away side take the lead over Chambly who have been poor. Jeremy Blayac with the goal. 

15.02 GMT: GOAL PONTARLIER. The home side have pulled on back with an incredible striker from Cyril Letellier! 1-2. Caen need to hold on. 

14.58 GMT: GOAL ISTRES: Chasselay’s hopes have been temporarily extinguished here as Diarra pulls one back for the Ligue 2 side. 

14.52 GMT: By the way, my job is about to get a whole lot more difficult, with another 4 matches starting at 15.00 GMT. They are as follows: 

La Roche (CFA 2) vs CA Bastia (Ligue 2)

Aubagne (CFA 2) vs Dijon (Ligue 2)

Magny (DH) vs Moulins (CFA) 

14.47 GMT: GOAL NIORT: The Ligue 2 side have doubled their lead over Epinal through Martin. 

14.42 GMT: GOAL LUDOVIC GIULY. The ex Barcelona man has taken the lead for tiny Chasselay over Ligue 2 boys Istres. Now there’s a story! 

14.41 GMT: GOAL CAEN. The side least expected to have doubled their lead early in the second half with a wonderful free kick from 25 yards out. Pontarlier with all to do now. 

14.34 GMT: 2nd halves underway at Chasselay, Epinal and Pontarlier. All 3 of those games have no clear outcome as of yet, especially at Pontarlier who are giving Caen a real go of it. 

14.28 GMT: Our fifth Coupe de France encounter of the day about to kick off between Chambly (CFA) and Angers (Ligue 2) in a couple of minutes. 

14.20 GMT: HT’s: Chasselay 0-0 Istres, Epinal 0-1 Niort, Pontarlier 0-1 SM Caen. 

14.16 GMT: I tell you what Caen are facing a Pontarlier side that are really up for it. The Ligue 2 side’s keeper is being kept very busy at the moment indeed. 

14.15 GMT: St Etienne have confirmed that, weather permitting, their encounter vs AS Cannes will be played tomorrow at 17.00 CET. 

14.10 GMT: Caen striker Koita has had to come off with an injury. No more goals as we near half time in these three fixtures. 

13.59 GMT: In the meantime Caen have hit the bar at Pontarlier and should have doubled their lead there. Anyway, as it stands no upsets on the cards. All 3 Ligue 2 sides look on top of things. 

13.58 GMT: Instead of being bothered to actually go and cover another game, Eurosport, who hold the Coupe de France rights in France to air the games have decided to repeat last season’s final between Bordeaux and Evian instead. Right. 

13.45 GMT: GOAL: Epinal 0-1 Niort. The Ligue 2 side lead through a spot kick from Jimmy Roye. 

13.45 GMT: PENALTY: Niort have the chance to take the lead over Epinal from the spot…

13.40 GMT: GOAL: Pontarlier 0-1 Caen. The 2nd division side take the lead over the 5th division side through Ngolo Kanté. 

13.25 GMT: Anyway, more football now with three Coupe de France games about to kick off. 

Chasselay (CFA) vs FC Istres (Ligue 2)

Epinal (CFA) vs Niort (Ligue 2) 

Pontarlier (CFA 2) vs SM Caen (Ligue 2)

13.22 GMT: We are back after a quick break there. In the meantime, AS Monaco have confirmed the signing of Lacina Traoré on a 4.5 year contract, a story we broke yesterday.

12.49 GMT: FT: Avranches 1-3 RC Lens. Tough on the 4th division side who just didn’t have the legs to see their lead through to 90 minutes. Lens showed their quality and changed gears at the crucial moment. Avranches sadly outclassed. One down, many more to go here at Get French Football News!

12.44 GMT: GOAL: Lens have stuck the nail in the coffin after a 3rd goal with a wonderful move capped off by a Cabon own goal but in truth there was little the poor man could do about it. 

12.41 GMT: It was Ndiaye who got to goal after nobody picked up his run into the box. 

12.38 GMT: GOAL LENS! In 2 minutes Les Lensois have turned this on its head. No giant killing in this one. Avranches look gutted. 

12.36 GMT: EQUALISER. I told you Avranches were tiring and poor marking from a corner allows the man I have been slating all game to head home. Coulibaly. 

12.31 GMT: Ndengila is the name of the man that Avranches have shoved in at defensive midfield. I told you I’d get there eventually. 

12.29 GMT: The pitch does not look great at Epinal who are preparing to take on Niort shortly:


12.28 GMT: As we close in on the last 15 minutes of this match, Avranches must continue to press the Lens back four, something that has been working so well thus far. A few tired legs out there now. Hang on in there. 

12.27 GMT: Coulibaly has been a complete flop for Lens so far and he proves my point again with an Emile Heskey-esque shot which heads towards the touchline for a throw. 

12.26 GMT: Back to Avranches, where the home side have made a double change taking off goalscorer Creach for a central defensive big man who’s name has escaped me. We are working on that one. 

12.23 GMT: By the way, all of the Coupe de France fixtures on this page of our website here. Have some pictures Epinal coming up as Niort get ready to face them at 1430 GMT. 

12.18 GMT: RC Lens have made a double change, but you will have to forgive me I’m not sure who ended up coming on. Either way, we are 25 minutes away from the first game of the day ending in a giant-killing. How can you not love the cup? 

12.11 GMT: AS Cannes vs St Étienne game has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Such a shame that but something to enjoy tomorrow. 

12.09 GMT: Well that was exciting. The magic of the Coupe de France never ceases to amaze but you can’t argue that Avranches have been the more gutsy side this lunchtime and do not take as unexpected a lead as some might think. 

12.07 GMT: GOOAAAAALLLLLLLL: The 4th division take the lead after a messy attempted clearance by Lens ends up at the feet of Vincent Creach who smashes home! Giant killing to come? 

12.05 GMT: Fairly fiery start to the second half here in Avranches. Salli has been booked for crunching goalkeeper Lugier who was very brave to rush out there to prevent a one on one situation. First time Avranches have genuinely looked in trouble.

11.55 GMT: Unfortunately, as I had feared, AS Cannes vs St Étienne has been called off. We await news for when the match will be replayed. 

11.55 GMT: HT: Avranches 0-0 RC Lens. 4th division side holding their own here and the second half promises to be more lively as the home team are likely to get more fatigued. 

11.37 GMT: Hate to put a downer on today’s events again but more whispers arguably the biggest game scheduled today between AS Cannes and Ligue 1 giants St Etienne being called off because of icy pitch conditions. Will let you know when we know more. Meanwhile in the only current live game, Avranches the 4th division side are performing with more positivity than their Lensois visitors at present. Quality lacking with the final ball into the box though. 

11.34 GMT: Some unfortunate news. The game between Jura Sud (CFA) and Créteil (L2) has been called off due to unplayable pitch conditions. Unclear at this early stage whether or not it will be scheduled for tomorrow. 


Avranches XI: Lugier, Bonenfant, Fofana, Cabon, Herauville (cap), Pivaty, Pigeon, Boateng, Créhin, Créach, Theault

11.24 GMT: Very laboured started to Avranches vs Lens here. Lots of fouls coming in from the away side. Avranches players enjoying every occasion to make the most of any dirty tackles against them. 

11.14 GMT: One game has already got underway. Avranches take on Ligue 2’s most wealthy side in RC Lens. The game is 15 or so minutes underway and there has been little action. Lens boss Antoine Kombouaré has fielded a strong side, with RCL looking to achieve great things in this competition to leave their mark on France’s top flight sides as they fight for likely promotion to Ligue 1 for next season. 

11.10 GMT: Hello and welcome to a Coupe de France special here at Get French Football News. We will be covering all of today’s matches until 9.30 GMT this evening, keeping you up to date with the ongoings in France’s favourite cup competition. 

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