SC Bastia ‘unequivocally condemn’ Brandao’s actions

SC Bastia have in the last hour made an announcement that they ‘unequivocally condemn’ striker Brandao’s actions in head butting PSG’s midfielder Thiago Motta. However, they also emphasised that Motta had insulted and provoked their players whilst on the pitch. This is what Bastia had to say:

‘In this statement, SC Bastia unequivocally condemns the gesture of striker Brandao on Thiago Motta after the final whistle of the match between PSG and Bastia. Pending additional news, Sporting reserves any possibility of further action in this matter.’

‘May we however simply be allowed to lament the equally unacceptable behavior of some players who are constantly insulting and provoking their opponents.’

It is clear that Bastia are referring to Thiago Motta when they write about the ‘unacceptable behaviour of some players.’

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