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The cost of the French 75% tax on Ligue 1 clubs revealed

When it was announced that a 75% tax would be placed upon individuals earning over a €1m a year in France, Ligue 1 was outraged. A year long campaign followed the announcement, but French football did not get its way and was forced to accept the extra costs incurred by this tax. Today, the details of those tax payments for 2013, the first year that they came into effect, have been announced as follows via member of the National Assembly Régis Juanico.

Overall, €40.1m will be raised by the French government at the expense of the Ligue 1 clubs, only 9 of which qualified to pay any tax at all. Only €32.75m of this sum has been paid this September, with Marseille, Lille and Lyon asking that they have an extra 24 months to pay their taxes in their entirety. 

The individual club breakdowns are as follows:

PSG: €20.8m

Marseille: €4.451m

Lyon: €4m

Bordeaux: €2.766m

Lille: €2.992m

Rennes: €2m

St Étienne: €1.844m

OGC Nice: €0.716m

Toulouse FC: €0.556m


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