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Thiago Silva to have PSG contract extension talks

PSG captain and central defender Thiago Silva has announced in an interview with RMC that he will discuss a new contract with the club.

He had the following to say:

“I hope to extend my contract at Paris, with PSG. We will speak with the club with Nasser to extend my contract.”

He also admitted he wanted to leave, most probably to Barcelona, during the summer that Sporting Director Leonardo quit the club: 

“After Leo’s departure, I thought about leaving. I told Nasser that. He convinced me of the project. I told him I would stay.”

He spoke of PSG being behind Lorient at half time during last weekend’s game:

“In Ligue 1 our motivation is so-so. We do not play with intensity, it is not ok. We must be concentrated in all the games. At half time, Blanc was very aggressive with us. Sometimes we need that.”

On Ibrahimovic’s fitness:

“Ibrahimovic is still hurting, he is in pain. I don’t think he will play on Sunday. It is not possible.”

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