Transfer Zoom: Bacary Sagna

An in depth look into Arsenal and French international right-back Bacary Sagna’s footballing future.

The 31 year old is currently leaving Premier League boys Arsenal on tenterhooks as he weighs up his options before agreeing to sign a contract extension with the Gunners. Sagna’s current deal expires at the end of the season but Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made no secret of his desire for the compatriot to prolong his adventure with the North London club.

Depending on which source of transfer news you believe, Arsenal have offered Sagna a series of what is most likely three contract extension offers. It is believed that the player rejected the initial two and has yet to respond or his agent is currently negotiating with Arsenal over the third offer the London club is supposed to have made.

The main sticking point is understood to be Sagna’s desire to be awarded a three year contract extension which goes against Arsenal’s usual policy for players over the age of 30.

This indecision has provoked other European sides to take an interest in Bacary Sagna’s contract situation and Get French Football News has learnt that Inter Milan have offered the player a 3 year contract with a €2.8m a year salary, net.

Inter Milan President Erik Thohir spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport yesterday confirming his interest in signing Sagna:

‘All I can say is that we like Sagna. If he decides not to come, we will look to sign someone younger.’

Such news comes perhaps as a shock to many who always believed that Sagna would sign that extension with Arsenal, it was just a matter of time. Today, Inter Milan have shown serious interest in signing the player and the Gunners have absolutely no guarantees that Sagna will prolong his deal at the club.

While Inter Milan are offering Sagna a considerably higher wage than he will likely receive at Arsenal if he is to extend his deal, they will be unable to provide the Champions League football that the London side likely will.

However, Inter Milan President went on to announce today that: ‘Bacary Sagna will not be leaving the Premier League.’

Unless the Serie A side’s owner is playing some rather peculiar mind games this statement strongly suggests that the French international in question has rejected the Italian side’s advances.

On the outset, Sagna had three options:

1) Negotiate as good a contract as possible with Arsenal and extend the deal

2) Accept Inter Milan’s monetarily favourable offer

3) Hold out for as long as possible and wait until after the World Cup to decide where to continue his footballing career.

The latter option would create an interesting scenario because, Arsenal are likely to give Sagna some sort of deadline to make the club aware of his decision whereas Inter Milan would probably have been more flexible in this regard. If Sagna has not extended his contract before he flies to Brazil (provided he remains injury free) with France, then he will almost certainly not be continuing his time with the Gunners.

In every profession, after a certain period of time, one reaches a set of crossroads. Sagna is running out of time to make his decision. Either he rolls the dice and tries to establish himself at another top European club, or he reinstalls his faith in the Arsenal project and sees his remaining playing days out in the English capital.

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