Willy Sagnol lashes out at Joey Barton

In an interview with La Journal de Dimanche, Bordeaux manager Willy Sagnol attacked QPR midfielder and former Marseille player Joey Barton for his supposed stupidity.

“I too could generalise and say that all English footballers are stupid, even though they aren’t. But Barton, yes, he is stupid. He has never won anything, his career is full of problems. The fact that he seeks to give lessons to others is a bit out of place.”

Sagnol also had some interesting things to say about the football journalism in the same interview today.

“For me, a journalist has no technical competence when it comes to football and a manager knows nothing about journalism. Despite that, one will critique the other on what they have seen on the pitch, the other on what they have read in the paper. I often talk to my journalist friends. They say: “We have been watching matches for 20 years, we are competent.” But me, I have been watching films for 20 years, but I do not consider myself in a position to critique pieces of cinema.”

[PHOTO: Zimbio]

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