Yaya Touré in heartfelt interview regarding his late brother Ibrahim

Get French Football News publishes France Football’s interview with Yaya Touré from yesterday regarding his brother Ibrahim, in full, in English.

“The World Cup is a magnificent party. Grand. Colourful. With goals, drama and ambiances. Only that sometimes that party stops brutally. For me, it was Thursday after our game against Colombia. Upon our return, I learnt of the passing of my little brother, Ibrahim.”

“Of course, the doctors left me with little hope when I left him to go to the World Cup. In his last days, he would not even reply to my phone calls, he was so tired. I felt as well, that my brother Ismaël and sister Aïcha, who had stayed by his side in Manchester, did not tell me everything, in the last days. Despite all this, in a case like that, one always tries to hope and hold on for a miracle.”

“He knew everything about me. The news came as a huge shock because I was very close to my “Choucou”. As we are only two years apart in terms of age, we were very much accomplices. As kids, we caused mischief together. We also played together in those famous neighbourhood football tournaments which never finished. It was at that age too, where we went to “look” for girls together to have fun.”

“Thereafter, I tried to help him by sending a bit everywhere in Europe so that he could carve out his own little career. Even though he travelled a lot, we always stayed in contact. He was my confidant, my best friend too. He knew everything about me. Even if he did not always listen to me when I gave him advice, he knew on the other hand perfectly well to listen to me when I needed to talk. That ear, I no longer have.”

“I ask myself what I am going to do without him. I realiser that I will not longer be able to hear him, touch him, see him, it is an atrocious sensation, mainly because I find myself thousands of kilometres away from him. Thankfully I have Kolo. Once again, he played the big brother role, finding words to console me, to comfort me, to talk to me. At one point, we were considering to go from Brazil to Manchester to go and see “my little one”, one last time. But our father told us not to. We listened. The hardest words of my life.”

“I confess that I am still in really quite a bad way. I am suffering because I also have the impression that I did random, useless stuff in the last weeks. I’m very angry at myself. At the end of the season, I wanted to stay for four or five days with brother before going to the World Cup with the Ivory Coast. Only that Manchester City did not want to give me these few days off. I went to celebrate the title in Abu Dhabi, whilst my little brother was dying in his bed.”

“Fortunately, Kolo remained at his side. Looking back, I hate myself for the fact that I did not insist on staying. To make them respect my decision. My representatives knew well that I have been suffering in my own skin for several months as my brother’s health declined. It is certainly why I suffered several injuries towards the end of the season, because my head had taken control of my body.”

“These last four months have been without a doubt the hardest of my life. In football terms, I received satisfaction, only that once you go home at the end of the day you’re faced with the distress of somebody that you love, who you do not know how to save, you’re in pain. One wanted to make me insensitive and the worst thing is, I let it happen…”

“Now, I will put myself in my own bubble because I do not want to ruin the party that comes with a possible qualification for the knockout rounds. I know that Ibrahim watched our first victory against Japan. It may not be that original, but this qualification, frankly, I will try to get it for him.”

“Just to continue to see him smile.”


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