A phone call that might help Karim Benzema’s case in Valbuena-blackmail scandal

L’Observateur have released a phone conversation between Karim Benzema and a friend which suggests that the Real Madrid man told Mathieu Valbuena not to give in to the blackmailers’ demands.

The phone call was made on October the 6th:

Benzema: “I told him a don’t give a f*** about media hype… I told him that if it is for media hype and you’ve warned your family and you don’t care… then let it be released, I told him.”

Benzema’s friend: “‘Course… Even I, I would have told him that.”

Benzema: “We are here to sort it out (Valbuena). If he doesn’t want to… he is dealing with a bunch of piranhas…”

Karim Benzema appears to have told Mathieu Valbuena not to give in to the demands in this phone conversation, but this phone call almost entirely confirms that Benzema is guilty of being complicit during the act of blackmail.

The prosecution will gather evidence in the coming weeks to put a case against Karim Benzema.

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