Alexandre Lacazette “hurt and disappointed” by Lyon President

In a feisty interview with L’Équipe this morning, Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette hit back at Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas for his actions during the summer transfer window and club manager Hubert Fournier for failing to protect him recently.

On Aulas’ decision to make the details of discussions of a contract extension public, Lacazette had the following to say:

“It hurt. I think that is a justified word to use. When you are a youngster at the club, in the town, and you have never really behaved in a nasty way to anyone, to be treated like that, yes, it hurts. I had had my best ever season, I really helped the team to reach the Champions League again.”

“Yes, it is his (Aulas’) attitude. When he talks, a lot of fans listen. And when he retells things, seen from his point of view, it makes you think that the player is in the wrong. Yes his behaviour hurt and disappointed me.”

“I was waiting for something. He told me that it was too much (what I was asking for during contract extension negotiations), that it was my first complete season, but if I could follow it up, we could discuss these numbers. He explained to me that he could not give so much to a young player after one good season. I accepted that. After that, I think that I followed up with what he wanted. So, I imagined that the negotiations would restart in September on the basis of the numbers that I was expecting. But, for him, it was always the maximum. So, after that, you ask yourself questions. And when I see the way that he dealt with it, you would think he has a real problem with me.”

“It affects you, to be honest. You want to think about something else, but you cannot. Normally, you are happy to come back (to a new season), to see everyone again… But the coaching staff could see that I was not in a good place. The coach staff were expecting a lot from me. And to see that I was not in a good way must have annoyed them… I had a face like thunder, drawn features. It really hurt me.”

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