Alexandre Lacazette: “I have not made my decision”

Speaking to today’s edition of Le Parisien, Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette admitted that he had not taken a decision on his future, despite claims from the club that the player was not going to be sold this summer.

On his ambitions:

“It is not the title of being best Ligue 1 player that is going to allow me to play (for France). I need to show what I can do in Europe. By scoring in the Champions League, I can become a more credible option to be chosen for a starting place. Do I want to start? Yes. Do I have to start? I don’t know. It is not up to me to ask if I have deserved it. I have so much desire that I am maybe not that objective, but I feel ready. We know that some cannot be dethroned. The aim, is to join the club of elites. With only a year to get there, it is short, but everything is possible in football.”

On his future:

“I have not made my decision. I will go on holiday, leave my agent to discuss things, for him to look after all that. I am not worried. It won’t worry me at all. As soon as I have decided, I want it all to happen quickly. When? That is the question… I could stay at Lyon next season and have a terrible season, I could leave and have an incredible season. Everything depends on the destination… It would have to be for a Champions League club… Barcelona and Real Madrid, you don’t reject them. But today, between leaving and staying, it is not 50-50, it is 0. I am not thinking about it. I am going to enjoy the national team and I will think about it after.”

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