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André Pierre Gignac: Dynamo Moscow ahead, but other clubs have not given up hope

Marseille striker André Pierre Gignac is believed to have decided to join Russian side Dynamo Moscow for free this summer when his contract expires with OM. 

According to La Provence, this has not however deterred other sides from attempting to convince the player to join them instead.

The local newspaper cites Greek sources who indicate that Olympiakos have been in contact with the player’s entourage, even if they have yet to make a concrete proposal. 

Inter Milan and AC Milan have a long term interest in the player, but there has been nothing concrete from the former side. 

Galatasaray are believed to have hired an agent for the sole purpose of exploiting the French market this summer, and Gignac is one of this representatives’ first targets. 

There needs to be a knockout proposal from another outfit for Gignac’s Russian adventure not to become a reality this summer.

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