AS Monaco come through FFP breach investigations largely untouched

UEFA have privately delivered their verdict today regarding AS Monaco’s possible breaches of Financial Fair Play which stem from the summer of 2013 which saw a sizeable influx of talent including James Rodriguez, Falcao and Joao Moutinho.

UEFA have decided that AS Monaco will need to pay at most €10m as a fine for identified breaches of FFP, but that this figure could be whittled down depending on whether UEFA decide to take this money directly from AS Monaco’s earnings from this season’s Champions League run and also depending on whether Monaco can rectify the issues identified by UEFA by a certain date. UEFA have found that Monaco’s books are unbalanced over the course of the three-year period during which UEFA judge FFP. 

Either way, €3m is required at the end of the season. AS Monaco are not expected to be limited in their spending or in terms of the number of players they can register for forthcoming Champions Leagues’, punishments which PSG have endured this season and will also do so for the 2015/16 campaign. Monaco believe that they will meet FFP requirements for the forthcoming 2016/17 cycle, following the subsequent sale of James, Falcao’s expensive loan to Manchester United and other, more minor transfer dealings.


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