Carlo Ancelotti on Platini, PSG vs Real Madrid, Benzema, food, Menez and more

In an exclusive interview with RTL, former PSG and Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti discussed the hotly-awaited clash between his two former sides in the Champions League this week and much more. Highlights.

“For a manager it is very important to understand the history of a club. Each team has its own culture.”

“I spoke to Mr Galliani (AC Milan) after I was sacked by Real.”

“I was operated on because a back hernia, but it is not a big problem.”

“PSG can fight to win the Champions League. Di Maria is a really great player.”

“I have been very fortunate in my career to manager some great players. The key for a manager is to have a good relationship with the players, the respect. If you have a good relationship, you can speak to the players and give them positive ideas.”

“Ronaldo is focused everyday in training. At Paris, Ibrahimovic changed the mentalities.”

“11 players are on the pitch, you need to speak to others, to keep them motivated.”

“It was Pirlo who told me to play him deeper, he had more space to show his qualities.”

“Ronaldo prefers to play on the left, Benzema is the ideal player for Ronaldo and Bale. In my register, Benzema is the best player in the world. There are no debates you can have on Benzema.”

“I am surprised by Matuidi, he is continuing to progress! He is a fantastic player, with a big heart.”

“The team with the greatest technical quality that I have managed, is Real. Mentally, it is Milan.”

“The player with the biggest potential who did not realise it? Menez, but he still has time.”

“In England, you eat well when you go to an Italian restaurant!”

“My top 3? Maldini, Pirlo, Buffon, Benzema, Zidane, Lampard, Drogba, Del Piero… I cannot choose.”

“I am divided (on PSG vs Real). The match is overall important for PSG. It is just as hard to manage PSG as it is Real Madrid. You cannot win against Real solely with Ibrahimovic. Everybody has to work well.”

“I am free to make my decision when I am coach. I choose my players.”

“I think that Platini is 100% honest, I hope that he will be FIFA President for the good of football.”

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