Carlos Valbuena praises his “courageous” son Mathieu during blackmail-sextape affair

Lyon midfielder Mathieu Valbuena’s father Carlos has spoken exclusively to RMC on the day that his son’s interview with Le Monde was published; the first time that Mathieu has spoken about the blackmail-sextape affair in which he is a victim.

Mathieu has demonstrated some rare honesty…

He told the facts that have happened. We have not educated our son like that. If it is green, it is not yellow. He had the courage to say it. You need to know how to be frank. Now, he has said it all, everything is in their hands and we will see what happens. Thankfully he is courageous.

How does he feel today?

He feels good in the sense that nobody can reproach him. When you have something to blame yourself for, you can tell yourself that you are not good mentally, etc. But as there is nothing for him to be blamed about… Mathieu is strong in his head. It is always annoying to have this type of situation but there is nothing that he can be blamed for.

I am of the nature to say that when you have nothing to be blamed for, you can be at ease. It is when when it is the opposite when you start to drift, to say certain things. He, he has nothing to be blamed for, questions were asked of him and he responded honestly.

He seems truly disappointed…

Disappointed… If it was Mathieu or anyone else, you would be disappointed. I think that everyone can be disappointed. With regards to a colleague or to anyone, it is normal. Aside from that, he is not annoyed. It is like that. It happens like that.

What happens next?

Now, we are waiting for absolutely nothing. I would not say that he has washed his hands but it is not in his nature. He is only thinking about playing with Lyon, the French national team and that is all. He is only thinking about football. He has gone, he is thinking about the match tonight: that is it, it is finished.

Is he worried about his future in the French national team>

That, that is not he who decides.

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