Christophe Galtier talks on his future

Speaking to Canal +, St Étienne manager Christophe Galtier commented on a number of subjects including his future after being linked with the Newcastle job.

On the year so far…

“We have started well in terms of results. Qualifying for the next round of the Coupe de France and winning in the league, but we have to stay awake and alert and to look to progress further, not let go because we will have a difficult second half of the season. There is a lot of expectation surrounding us. Defensively, we are good and we are, in terms of results about average in terms of our attacking contributions. If we want to fight for the top three places, we need to perform much better in the latter sector.”

“When we see Marseille ahead with Lyon and PSG, these are teams that score a lot of goals. Behind us, there is Bordeaux who is also a team that I find better than us in terms of our respective squads and who will be on their way, the arrival of a new manager etc.”

On how he will try to beat PSG tonight…

“Our team, our professionalism, our courage. And we will need luck. We were a bit rinsed last time we were at the Parc des Princes. This is a totally different scenario, we will be missing players because of AFCON but I hope that we will have a very competitive squad with us. And if we have to go right until the end of the night to qualify, we will do exactly that.” 

On his future…

“I will stay until the end of the season, that is for sure. That should kill all the rumours that could otherwise be said or written about in the press. I have no intention of leaving the club midseason. That would show a lack of respect to the institution, to the representatives, but also to my players, my staff and the fans. I am not that type of person. Can I say that I will remain until the end of my contract (expires in June 2016)? You know in football things can evolve very quickly. A lot of things could happen at the end of the season. I am focused on the 4-5 months to come, the games to play to have a very good second half of the season. To leave now is unthinkable.”

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