Exclusive: Thiago Motta’s agent: “We are moving towards a solution”

Speaking exclusively to Get French Football News, PSG central midfielder Thiago Motta’s agent Alessandro Canovi gives an update on his client’s future with Les Parisiens.

Are there clubs interested in Thiago Motta?

There are no negotiations ongoing apart from those with PSG. We need to find a solution with PSG, whatever that is. The negotiations do not depend on what I do as it is about a player and his contract with the club. Thiago Motta has never told me that he wants to go here or there, to Atletico Madrid or to Inter Milan or whatever. I am in constant contact with Olivier Letang, PSG’s Sporting Director, to find an agreement with the club. First, we must find a solution with the club, then we will see.

What exactly is the problem between Thiago Motta and PSG?

While I can tell you that the relevant parties are talking, what is going on has to stay between them. We will explain everything when a solution is found, but Thiago Motta has already said what he really thinks. What he said is what is guiding the situation, both for PSG and for us. Thiago Motta’s concerns (expressed in La Gazzetta dello Sport) are the reasons for why we are having talks with PSG.

What are you expecting from PSG in all this?

We are talking. I am optimistic that we are moving towards a solution that satisfies all parties, although I do not know what exactly that will be yet. It could be a departure for Thiago Motta from PSG, but there is no solution I specifically prefer.


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