Franck Ribéry has given testimony in international prostitution network case

According to French magazine Closer, Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribéry was heard as a witness in an international prostitution network case on the 26th November.

Five years after the infamous Zahia affair, Franck Ribéry has been involved in a new case relating to prostitution.

The Bayern Munich man was quizzed by the authorities last month relating to a fresh case surrounding an international prostitution network.

On the 26th November, the former French international was summoned by the BRP faction of the French police, in charge of prostitution cases, to be heard as a witness as part of a preliminary investigation into an international prostitution network which has been ongoing for 8 months at the request of Paris prosecutors.

While Ribéry emerged from the hearing without any charges being brought against him, he was apparently forced to explain the presence of an escort girl at a party.

According to the report from magazine Closer, Ribéry gave a friend of his, a former footballer, a budget of €15,000 to spend on bringing girls along to supplement the evening’s entertainment. A dozen escort girls allegedly accepted the offer to spend a weekend in Munich.

What Franck Ribéry allegedly failed to realise though was that his friend had actually only offered each girl €500 each for the whole stay, an amount that they considered insufficient to do anything more with the player other than accompany him to the party.

Franck Ribéry was released without charge. However, the investigation is ongoing and some of the girls who were supposedly approached have already been heard by the BRP. One of them, according to the French magazine, was 17 years old at the time…

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